Helping a discount supermarket in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis
The discount supermarket was able to use the Coople platform to recruit over 600 skilled workers throughout Switzerland in less than 48 hours
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How did Coople help?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, one of the biggest discount supermarkets in Switzerland urgently needed to guarantee the safety of the thousands of customers who visited their stores daily. To ensure everyone stayed safe and their customer service levels didn’t suffer, they had to position employees at the entrance to guard the number of entries, answer questions and reassure customers. This meant that over 639 extra workers were required within 48 hours.

Thanks to Coople, they were able to instantly tap into thousands of skilled workers via the platform. Using Coople’s unique algorithm, workers throughout Switzerland with the right skills and experience were matched to the supermarket's jobs and could apply right away. There was no need for them to deal with administration or payroll.

The challenge

  • Keeping up with the COVID-19 measures to guarantee the safety of thousands of daily visitors 

  • Recruiting extra personnel for over 150 stores in three different language areas throughout Switzerland

  • Requiring flexibility to change the team when the government's COVID-19 measures are relaxed again

The solution

With over 300,000 registered skilled employees in Switzerland, the Coople app gave the discount supermarket the opportunity to tap into a large pool of flexible workers at any given time. Thanks to the advanced algorithm of Coople, the supermarket’s jobs were instantly matched with motivated workers who had the right skills and experience. This is what the process looked like:


The results

Fully vetted workers

Fully-vetted workers

Over 2,500 qualified candidates applied within a few hours

Fast delivery

The client selected 639 motivated workers who were ready to start within 48 hours

No risk during uncertain time

Our client retained flexibility to scale down the team when COVID-related rules change

What the client said about us:

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