How ZorgSpectrum got help in the midst of covid-19
ZorgSpectrum, a home for the elderly, was able to use the Coople platform to find motivated workers to prevent visitors from entering their care homes during the covid-19 crisis.
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How did Coople help?

Complying with the covid-19 measures is very important for healthcare institutions like ZorgSpectrum. As a health organisation with 9 locations that cares for the chronically ill and the elderly, ZorgSpectrum needed to guarantee the safety of their residents. In order to do so they needed an employee at the entrance of their buildings to receive packages, messages and keep visitors out. ZorgSpectrum needed extra employees at multiple locations within just 15 hours

By using the biggest online staffing platform in Europe, ZorgSpectrum was able to publish a job and hire the right workers quickly. With thousands of motivated and skilled workers available, Coople’s algorithm instantly matched the job requirements with workers who had the right skills and experience.

The challenge

  • To guarantee the safety of their residents by preventing visits during the covid-19 crisis, ZorgSpectrum was in need for extra personnel fast. 

  • They had to recruit 4 extra employees a day for multiple locations within 15 hours

  • And needed flexibility for when the lockdown measures are relaxed

The solution

Using Coople, ZorgSpectrum instantly tapped into a large pool of motivated flexible workers ready to help out during this crisis. The Coople algorithm made it easy to quickly match ZorgSpectrums’ jobs with workers with the right qualifications. This is what the process looked like:


The results

Fully vetted workers

Fully vetted workers

More than three times the amount of workers required applied within 3 hours

Fast delivery

ZorgSpectrum selected 5 motivated workers who were ready to fill the jobs

Time saved

Large amount of time saved on recruiting & ability to instantly scale down once the measures are relaxed

What ZorgSpectrum said about us:

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